[Ukfreebsd] Is UFS supposed to be stable (running 11.1) ?

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Mon Sep 3 11:12:00 BST 2018

I acquired a customer a few months ago and had to replace one of a 
mirror in a zpool on an otherwise perfectly behaving server. As the new 
disk was bigger I decided to create a (normal UFS) filesystem on the 
remainder for extra backups though appreciate they're not mirrored.

But after a power cut it came up and choked on the fstab entry for the 
extra UFS partition which it claims isn't clean and needs fscking. I 
think the main ZFS stuff is fine. Shouldn't it get on and fsck it which 
it does not appear to have attempted ?

I have got them to comment out the fstab line but have an even worse 
feeling about UFS now. A while ago I slightly broke a FreeBSD UFS 
virtual machine by killing its (virtual) power and got the strong 
impression UFS or possibly accompanying userland setup just isn't 
robust. Is it just me Was it at one point ?


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