[Ukfreebsd] Notes from last nights meeting

David Chisnall theraven at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 17 08:20:31 GMT 2018

On 16 Mar 2018, at 20:21, Sevan Janiyan <venture37 at geeklan.co.uk> wrote:
> On 02/08/18 13:39, Sevan Janiyan wrote:
>> Supporting a traditional CISC architecture (VAX) in GCC in a RISC world
> On a similar tip
> https://www.embecosm.com/research/aap/
> https://abopen.com/news/osddi-dr-jeremy-bennett-embecosm/

AAP is quite an interesting project, but unfortunately it doesn’t really go far enough.  For example, pointers are integers, code and data pointers have the same representation, the memory is byte addressable, code addresses can be materialised from integers, and so it doesn’t come very close to representing the weird things that you see in non-mainstream processors.


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