[Ukfreebsd] Notes from last night's meeting

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 22:08:07 BST 2018

Mark Blithe take on the state of the economy
finding a common workflow across different debuggers
Gdb pain vs LLDB complaints
Rage quits & cycles of burnout
Testing hammerfs in latest release of dragonfly
pNFS in freebsd
clustered filesystems & separation of metadata & data across separate hosts
Fear of key project contributor working on difficult problems being
employed by megacorp and going silent
acpi woes on current hardware & linux
testing voidlinux
reusing code from kernel in userspace and building on top of that with
bindings eg crash(8) in NetBSD
Lua sanboxing
Ignoring the outsourcing disasters from the last decade+ and ploughing
forward in a cost saving driven exercise
Peter Wemm's collection of hardware from the history of FreeBSD, eg dual
P90 which SMP support was brought up on
Latest macppc hardware obtained this week - a g4 iBook
Double encryption for double agency fun
slow, high multicore count systems & single threaded applications
accountants, floating point precision & rounding errors vs integers
fsync drama
Ask Theo about rust
contempt driven software development methodology
Effective Debugging by Diomidis Spinellis and being unable to follow the
gdb exercise due to broken support.
Features and extensibility of mdb


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