[Ukfreebsd] Recommendations for a PCI-e soundcard?

Ruslan Bukin ruslan.bukin at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 21 10:36:16 GMT 2017

Depends on budget. I can recommend RME HDSPe AIO card, we have snd_hdspe driver for that.
I am using it about 4 years and I think it provides the best sound quality across other supported cards. But it is expensive (it has FPGA chip for merging audio streams, which is not something you look for).


On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 09:23:52AM +0000, andy thomas wrote:
> I've long used FreeBSD as a desktop OS as well as for servers & firewalls, 
> etc and I've now started using a Dell Poweredge T710 tower server as a 
> desktop PC as it's fast with lots of memory & storage. But it has no PCI 
> slots, only PCI-e so I can't use tried & tested PCI bus sound cards in this 
> machine which are known to be supported by FreeBSD.
> I'm thinking of buying the Creative Audigy RX 7.1 as it seems to be based 
> on a revised version of the EMU10k2 chipset which I use under FreeBSD on 
> PCI-bus systems and won't be an expensive flop if I can't get it to work 
> under BSD (I can put it into a Linux box instead). But before doing so I 
> thought I'd ask here first in case someone has already got a PCI-e sound 
> card working under FreeBSD. Does anyone have any recommendations? By the 
> way, the card has to be a PCI-e x1 type as all the free slots are x1 (the 
> single x16 slot is already filled with a nVidia graphics card).
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
> Andy
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