[Ukfreebsd] Notes from yesterdays meeting

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 12:39:33 GMT 2016

9 front - a fork of Plan 9 with many enhancements http://9front.org
theo(1) http://man.aiju.de/1/fortune
Lunch with Kirk McKusick at Berkeley
The OpenBSD hackathon in Cambridge
Perl 5.24 on OpenBSD https://github.com/afresh1/OpenBSD-perl
Does true(1) need to be locale aware
Struggling with modern systems using 32bit EFI
Windows runs great on Apple systems no longer supported by OS X???
"CPU scaling is not your problem when you can just export the processors
from another host" - CPU servers in Plan 9
John Marino is adding support for pkgng to pkgsrc as well as porting synth
synth - package build system written in Ada
synth revealed many issues in Dragonfly BSD related to concurrent
mounts/unmounts which need to be fixed, what issue lurk in NetBSD??
Devin Teske's talk on Jail Networking (vnet) at MeetBSD 2016 -
Implementing AES support in assembly
Using a Perl framework to generate assembly - avoiding doing boilerplate
Writing security sensitive components in assembly by hand as a
workaround for the distrust of an optimising compiler
sidechannel attacks & observing the encrypted traffic between hosts &
SAN in different sites
"ewaste or free to a good home"
hanging out on ICB & SILC
trying to hang out on ICB servers you might not be invited to
Rolling your own embedded OS (BSD) image
Repology - http://beta.repology.org (shows package version status
between different systems)
Trying to share packages built from pkgsrc for Debian Linux on armv7l
with a Nokia N900 and failing (libc too old?)
Touch screen support on the BSDs
SC_CUT_SPACES2TABS kernel option to preserve tabs on paste on FreeBSD
VT_LOCKSWITCH ioctl in FreeBSD which prevents switching from a locked tty.
FSX - File System Exerciser http://codemonkey.org.uk/projects/fsx/
Ada in *BSD
Oracle has bought Dyn
FTP vs Kerberised FTP vs anything linked to OpenSSL
building communities outside of the meetup/slack/foo in 2016
Opting to write your own code in C++ to avoid doing any auditing of
OpenSSL just to get the use of crypto in through the door
"Michael Dexter was bhyve user 0"
"OpenBSD knights who say NIH"
Kirk McKusick's UNIX stash
pkgsrc does not work when build shell is zsh
Boris Babyan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9AcktRz468
Pioneers of Soviet Computing
Generic cross platform build system for software to help automate build
clusters in a software project - are there any?
OpenRC reducing the TrueOS boot time down to seconds
are fast boot times a concern for non-kernel devs & users with working
resume from sleep?
Maintaining documentation during a migration phase between features
Updating the debugging chapter of the FreeBSD developers handbook

Turnout was 11 people


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