[Ukfreebsd] Notes from yesterdays meeting in Cambridge

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Fri Apr 1 02:34:35 BST 2016

The atlassian stack & the agile organisational cancer
Working abroad & visa conditions
Implications of solely supporting UTF-8
Brendon Gregg's 2000x performance win
Private Libraries & keeping the POSIX namespace clean
Switching to pkgng in pkgsrc (the devil's in the plumbing)
Ruslan's adventures in FreeBSD,from writing soundcard drivers to porting
to RISC-V with DTrace for arm64 inbetween
"Does NetBSD support arm64?" - "Does NetBSD support 256TB of addressible
RISC-V vs low-RISC - switch to generic components?
Dealing with bugs in your CPU implementation
Fujitsu SPARC vs Oracle SPARC - (no LDOM in Fujitsu but cheaper)
PowerPC instructions - https://twitter.com/ppcinstructions
Returning multiple values from a function in a C program
rust support in pkgsrc
Tinderbox & poudrierre (FreeBSD ports) vs pbulk (pkgsrc) - lack of
parralelism is crippling
Scanning a tree to index & the fastest way to do it per commit
FreeBSD make fetch-index saves time
svn commit hooks
Portability of NetBSD
"Support for a new board is always a week away"
What's in OpenBSD 5.9 release
ASLR on 32bit archs
Theo is coming to Cambridge
It takes 3 days to do a complete bulk build of the pkgsrc tree, on a
bottom of the range Dell PowerEdge R-210 running FreeBSD/amd64
Running a MIPS & ARM core both on a single FPGA
Migration away from FreeBSD at Yandex or the lack of
Yandex DNScrypt https://habrahabr.ru/company/yandex/blog/280380/
Power8 for rent http://www.soyoustart.com/en/power8/
Building vim + patches
Init systems & POLA
pcre and recent vulnerabilities
the difficulty of attempting to measure the speed of a regular expression
PIE on NetBSD with pkgsrc
emacs doesn't play well with PIE in some cases
Lisp enthusiasts & shiny symbolics workstations
Symbolics - partly? responsible for the free software movement, first
registered .com, developed http 1.1 (first implemented in CL-HTTP)
Everything is painful in svn
Debian packaging mess (patches aren't even kept under source control)
Cheap 10Gbe switch - Allan's cheapo netgear switch?
NetBSD Nick on IRC with nickname nick1
Sennheiser hd25 vs Bayer HD-100 headphones
Chainloading kernels on Power8 - boot from Linux kernel, kexec FreeBSD
Ditch that & use coreboot?
Coreboot on chromebooks?
Can mutt connect to microsoft exchange?
Does outlook support IMAP
Difficulties of running FreeBSD as a desktop vs the ease of OpenBSD -
working X server out of the box?
NetBSD in Japan
OpenBSD drops it, Windows picks it up - Linux ABI support is coming to

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