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Hi all,

I'm organising the FLOSS UK conference, in York.  I suspect it may be of
interest to quite a few people on this list.

Talk details are available at http://www.flossuk.org/Events/Spring2015



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FLOSS UK DEVOPS Spring Conference, 24th-26th March 2015.  

Register your attendance at:


**BOOK now with code MARCH15 for 15% off until the 15th March**

** Location **

This year's Spring Conference will be held in the historic city of York,

The Hilton York, 1 Tower Street, York YO1 9WD

** Programme **

Tuesday 24th March – Workshops
Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th - Conference

*** Workshops ***

Google - Large Scale System Design' - Full Day
Shadowcat Systems Limited - 'Zero to Perl' - Half Day
Tim Fletcher - 'Practical Digital Forensics'- Half Day

Book early to avoid disappointment at the workshops, as spaces are

*** Conference ***

2014 Best Speaker Winner Wim Godden returns with: 

Intrusion detection through backups (and other security tricks) 

2014 Best Lighting Talk Winner Mark Keating is also speaking on CPAN
with his talk:

 'Who's The Pan'

Other Talks accepted to date:

Julien Pivotto - Shipping your product with Puppet code
Stephen Quinney - Intrusion Detection using the Linux Audit System
2nd Quadrant - State of PostgreSQL Database 2015
Toshaan Bharvani - Virtual Machine Lifecycle Management with Anisible
Kenneth MacDonald - Kerberos – Protocol and Practice
Bernd Erk - Open source Monitoring with Icinga
Mark Cairney - Federated Access Management
Stu Teasdale - Beyond Blue-Freen: Migrating a legacy application to CI
    and the Cloud 
Peter Tribble - Creating Tribblix
Richard Melville - An Introduction to Btrfs
Pieter Baele - Linux centralized identity and authentication
    interoperability with AD 
Mark Keating - Who's The Pan
Nick Moriarty - Puppet as a Legacy system
David Proffitt - Enhancing Security & Utility

More talks and events will be announced in the coming weeks. For more
information please see: http://www.flossuk.org/Events/Spring2015

Book your place now for the main conference!


This event is proudly Sponsored by:

Google - Silver Sponsor
ELIGO Recruitment  - Bronze Sponsor

***Follow @flossuk and like us on https://www.facebook.com/flossuk ***

Gavin Atkinson
FreeBSD committer and bugmeister
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