[Ukfreebsd] Donation of hardware for London Hackspace

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 12:06:27 BST 2014

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone had any spare hardware around looking for a
new home which could be donated to the London Hackspace for use there.
There's a project to get a host running a hypervisor for members to
run VM's which lacks adiquete hardware & a replacement system for
recording the CCTV.

1) a system (1 or 2u) with a CPU capable of running bhyve (or just a
motherboard / CPU / RAM?). See "What hardware does it run on?" on

2) LSI chipset PCIe SAS controller modern enough to support the IT/IR
firmware (SAS2008 or newer) with 3 or 4 ports to attach a minimum of
12 disks for use with ZFS.

3) Small form factor PC with a PCI slot to use for security cameras

If you can assist, please get in touch off-list :)



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