[Ukfreebsd] Error code 1

Mark Blackman mark at exonetric.com
Thu May 31 21:48:53 BST 2012

On 31 May 2012, at 21:38, M B Richards wrote:

> My thanks to those who took time to reply.
> Here's the link of debug output as requested.
> https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3kJPWpHvqIBdTJsRnN4elNla0E/edit

Shared object "libpcre.so.0" not found, required by "libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0"

is the real problem. Error code 1 in this context just means that the build failed, 
but you have to look up the screen a bit to see the libpcre.so.0 problem.

So, it sounds like that port has a silent dependency on libpcre, or on a different

I'd see about bunging in libpcre port with the correct version (source or binary)

or just installing it as libgtk-x11 as a binary package and let that manage the dependencies for you.

"sudo pkg_add -rv libgtk-x11" or similar

Ideally, you find out why the libgtk-x11 didn't correctly note the dependency, patch it
and submit to the port maintainer.

Possibly, the error above is well known (try googling it) and there's a simple fix

- Mark

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