[Ukfreebsd] *tap* *tap*

Christopher Dawkins cchd at felsted.essex.sch.uk
Sun May 20 21:21:11 BST 2012

> Yes, the list has seen better days before it was taken over by chickens.
> Perhaps we ought to restart our monthly meetings?

Good idea.

>>> Taking a positive view it's probable because FreeBSD has become the
>>> perfect OS that never has a problem.


I have just spent a fortnight upgrading a desktop+server box from 7.3 to 
9.0, with 1151 ports, though I did cause most of the problems by not 
reading UPDATING properly.

Some things that weren't working properly before now are (HAL, kdm and 
Flash), but now saving from Kate via fish:// bombs out at 32K and the USB 
system goes bellyup when I plug my HTC Desire in to charge.

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