[Ukfreebsd] Hosted FreeBSD Servers

Juggler Doug chudleydog at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 20:47:45 GMT 2012

Hi list

I working for a company moving into hosted services in Sweden (I'm English
now living in the land of the Elk and Abba).

Its a bit of a niche market I know, but I am interested in offering FreeBSD
servers as part of the portfolio (dreadful word that).

Question is - a FreeBDS 9 install works just fine on XEN - but of course no
tools - so its sort of half the game - I'm searching the inter'web'o'net
for any instructions - but seems to be a dead end at the moment.

Any thoughts on this - any way of getting so that machines can be migrated
from XEN server to XEN server - otherwise I'm going to be stuck with
offering 99.5% availability (or whatever number one calculates from one
piece of hardware).

Would also be interested in how much interest there is on the list - in
getting access to FreeB 9 servers...

Thanks ever so much for your time in reading and any insights you may have


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