[Ukfreebsd] qjail problem

Masayoshi Fujimoto m.fujimoto at rocketmail.com
Mon Jun 18 07:38:06 BST 2012

Hi,I am Masayoshi Fujimoto.

I had typed the following command before:

#qjail create -n alc0 www

As I bought wireless network card, I don't use alc0.
When I restart qjail, I get the follwing message.

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/qjail2 restart
Jail stopped successfully. www
ifconfig: interface alc0 does not exist

Could you tell me how to delete this error?
What file must I modify for that? >_>

My /etc/rc.conf is the following:
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA inet netmask"
ifconfig_wlan0_alias0="inet netmask"

My /usr/local/etc/qjail/www is the following:

export jail_www_hostname="www"
export jail_www_ip=""
export jail_www_rootdir="/usr/jails/www"
export jail_www_exec_start="/bin/sh /etc/rc"
export jail_www_exec_stop=""
export jail_www_mount_enable="YES"
export jail_www_devfs_enable="YES"
export jail_www_devfs_ruleset="devfsrules_jail"
export jail_www_procfs_enable="YES"
export jail_www_fdescfs_enable="YES"
export jail_www_image=""
export jail_www_imagetype=""
export jail_www_interface="wlan0"
export jail_www_fstab="/usr/local/etc/fstab.qjail.www"

Anatano kokoroni jikouha aruno?
Masayoshi Fujimoto <m.fujimoto at rocketmail.com>

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