[Ukfreebsd] Error code 1

Christopher Dawkins cchd at felsted.essex.sch.uk
Fri Jun 1 09:40:15 BST 2012

> I've come across this a few times when I've updated my Ports tree and
> accidentally upgraded PCRE but not its dependencies.
>  # portmaster -r libpcre
> Once everything is compiled against the correct version of libpcre it
> should be OK.
> On a related note, if you're compiling ports rather than using packages
> it's probably better to use a tool like portmaster. And also remember to
> read UPDATING before updating things :-)

I had just this problem three weeks ago, and spent a fortnight recompiling 
and recompiling (and recompiling). My machine takes nine hours to do 
OpenOffice, and then there's KDE. I used portmaster when portupgrade 
didn't work and vice versa: I frequently had to dive into the relevant 
port and make deinstall and reinstall, I cleaned randomly, I fought 
pkg_delete and pkgdb -F. The most annoying things were the many times 
portupgrade (or master) stopped saying 'xx-0-3 cannot be installed because 
xx-0-2 is in the same place' and I had to shout at it "You know what's 
needed, you've just told me what to do, I'm providing the electricity, why 
can't you do it yourself you lazy machine?".

It will work out eventually, though I have a new USB problem. And I have 
to use sftp instead of fish, because fish will now not transfer more than 
32K bytes.

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