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> Hi Kevin,
> The RT2560 cards are an old safe bet, they support 802.11g & wpa but
Yes that is my fall back if all else fails but being an optimist I
thought someone on here might be using a card that fits all my needs
that I'd not come across.
> much else via ral(4), Atheros chipset cards have had better support
> FreeBSD in the past, see the ath(4) man page for supported chipsets.
> What are the changes you're having to make to the get support for your
> Edimax card?

The big problem with the Edimax card is that encryption is flaky under
FreeBSD. They can run for hours and then suddenly fail and require a
reboot  and the Ralink RT3060 chipset does not appear to be supported by
the ral driver under any of the *BSDs
While I have to say that the Edimax technical support has been decent
and they have provided generic make files for both *nix and Linux that
you have to customise dependent on the system an upcoming project would
go much smother if I could just find a card that meets my requirements
out of the box. Why do you have them then I hear you say "Because they
work well under Microsoft Windows"

> Sevan
> P.S whats the score with the long signature???
Yes it is annoying and I wish I could avoid it but it gets stuck on by
the last MTA before it leaves the organisation.

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