[Ukfreebsd] "green" HDDs

Frank Shute frank at shute.org.uk
Tue Jan 11 08:51:12 GMT 2011

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 12:04:35AM +0000, tienne wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 05:09:51PM +0000, dgmm wrote:
> > Has anyone used any of the so called "green" or "eco" HDDs?
> I don't know if you're after saving energy or being really green, but
> I'd just like to mention that most of the computers or parts that we're
> using need between 50 to a hundred times more energy to be produced and
> sent to you than the sum of what they will consume during their whole
> life. So if you get good reviews of these disks and just want to save a
> bit of energy, go for them. If you want to be really green and cut the
> energy cost of your installation, just make your hardware last as much
> as you can, whatever it consumes.

I agree with your analysis. I can't see the point of these HDDs. HDDs
are slow at the best of times; one that turns itself off after 8s of
inactivity sounds like a nightmare, and if you turn off that mode then
you've defeated any possible power saving. A power saving that's
pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things.

I suspect that these "green" drives are little more than a marketing
scam foisted on the unsuspecting.

I'm fortunate that I can fit my OS and data on a 40GB SSD. If I had
more data, I could mount a HDD.

My advice to the OP: run a mile!




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