[Ukfreebsd] FreeBSD, AFP and Time Machine and a full system restore

Mark Blackman mark at blackmans.org
Sun Jan 9 20:18:25 GMT 2011

So, I got the HP Proliant Microserver working as a Time Machine
disk (backed by raidz) using the instructions at


and ensuring all the right permissions were set everywhere.
I then got a full back-up in the can shortly thereafter.

Suddenly this morning the iMac won't boot due to disk I/O errors in
critical places. Couldn't repair in Disk Utility. hmm, time
to test that full system restore.

Now, I knew both the internal disk and the original external disk
were both giving me grief, hence the impetus to get the
Microserver up and running as a TM server, however I didn't
think my days were quite so numbered.

Initially I thought I was out of luck as I couldn't
persuade the Snow Leopard Time Machine on the installation
media to find the TM server, but after a bit of trial and 
error and a hint from the post by 'dvd' in 


(for the precise AFP mounting syntax), I managed a 
full Snow Leopard  system restore, via the Snow Leopard
install disk, from the FreeBSD box and fairly quickly too, so I'm 
pleased with the final result.

- Mark

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