[Ukfreebsd] load balancing

Simon Dick simond at irrelevant.org
Fri Jan 7 15:56:16 GMT 2011

On 6 January 2011 15:42, Pete French <pete at twisted.org.uk> wrote:
> Thanks for the advice gounys - I did a bit more research on my own as well,
> and I think I am going to try nginx in the first instance. HAproxy looks
> good, but I need SSL and I also need to have the client IP address
> passed to the webservers (along with the fact that SSL was used). I cant see
> a way to do that with HAProxy, unless anyone knows different ?

haproxy can forward the source IP in a custom header, but it does have
no SSL support at all, you'd have to use something like stunnel which
I'd guess would make getting the source IP even more interesting...

> I havent looked at pfSense before, and I may give that a try - my network
> setup is slightly complex due to the IPv6 requirement though

Aah, IPv6 will only be supported in some 2.0 or later pfSense which
would make it awkward for you.

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