[Ukfreebsd] load balancing

k k ingou88 at yahoo.gr
Wed Jan 5 22:04:15 GMT 2011

So, has anybody got any experinece of using FreebSD as a firewall/loadbalancer
at all ? I currently have a lot of boxes behind a very nice set of 
Coyote Equalisers (irnoncly, FreebSD based themselves), but I am wanting to
move to a situation where I just have a pair of BSD boxes running carp and
doing the load balancing. Mainly so when I go to some nice people to
rent some rackspace I dont have to pay for an extra 6 U!

I found relayd in ports - has anybody tried using that ?



just firewall , a BSD box with two NIC . But I think you know it allready.I have pf, but i didnt did anything with bandwidth shaping [if you mean  that]
you know better, as  i am a very simple user of bsd.

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