[Ukfreebsd] nice little storage server for 112GBP

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Mon Jan 3 23:27:01 GMT 2011

> That looks pretty similar to what's on the wiki, and is basically what I
> did too. I also toyed around with customising a memstick install so that
> instead of launching into sysinstall, it ran a shell script that did
> everything on this page.
> Quite handy for rapidly deploying boxes - just plug in the USB stick,
> turn box on, leave to cook for 10 mins.

That something I've been toying with as well - I need to deploy a lot
of boxes, and one image to do it from would be great. I've been
playing around with the GPT/ZFS setup, and it;s definitely the way
to go. GPT allows you to properly align partitions so you get good
performance out of an SSD, and also preseumably, these new 4k sector drives.
I tried the same trick on a flash stick too, and subjectively it feels
faster, but I havent done any masurements (but flash should, in theory,
have the same alignment issues as SSD, yes?)


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