[Ukfreebsd] World Famous Spiegel CD/DVD Iso Image Burner

Frank Mitchell mitchell at wyatt672earp.force9.co.uk
Wed Aug 17 17:41:38 BST 2011

Hi all:

Mid-June I sent people a tar.gz with the Source Code for Spiegel, my simple 
CD/DVD Iso Image Burner. This got classed as SPAM, and lost its tar.gz. But 
you can see the Source Code on the Internet now, if you're curious. Just 
google for "freebsd spiegel".

I sent the bare Source Code to "freebsd-chat" and "freebsd-hackers" even 
though it's a Linux Utility, because FreeBSD is changing its ATAPI Interface. 
As a result my email automatically got converted into Web Pages. I can't tell 
how many people have tried running Spiegel, but I haven't had any complaints 
so far.

So if you have problems with your version of "cdrecord" (and I know somebody 
who does) or if you just want to discover the mechanics of CD/DVD Burning, 
Spiegel could interest you. Just save the Web Page as a Text File and cut 
along the dotted lines. The Code is for 32-Bit Linux PC.

Yours Truly: Frank Mitchell

On Saturday 18 June 2011 16:53:54 Frank Mitchell wrote:
> I've invented an alternative to cdrecord/wodim/burncd, naming it "Spiegel". 
> It's a completely new program, owing nothing to those previous utilities.
> Attached is LxSpieg.tar.gz, containing the Source Code for Linux plus a 
> README. A FreeBSD version is possible too, but the Linux version works
> better. Hope you like the Wildebeest License.

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