[Ukfreebsd] Notes from Octobers meeting

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Fri Oct 29 10:39:15 BST 2010

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:28:19 +0100
Mark Blackman <mark at blackmans.org> wrote:

> When I say "BSD VM", I mean a generic x86 Virtual Machine instances
> that can of course run a FreeBSD instance or an OpenBSD instance or an
> NetBSD instance.

Goscomb (http://www.goscomb.net/hosting/vps-vds) let you run FreeBSD
and OpenBSD on their Xen VPS platform.  They also give you access
to the xvp control panel which is handy if you want to reinstall at some
point (for example the default partitioning scheme is a bit
suboptimal, so I reinstalled and created a single 10GB slice). The main
advantage of Goscomb seems to be that they're 600us away from linx and
have ipv6 connectivity.

Bruce Cran

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