[Ukfreebsd] Wireless modem+router recommendations?

Rob Smith robsmith at binaryrage.com
Tue Oct 5 12:19:44 BST 2010

As an aside (I can't honestly say I know of anything that'd specifically do
what you're looking for) but do you know how 'busy' the air is around you?
The amount of traffic on channel 1 at home is absolutely crazy and has in
the past caused me all sorts of oddness when heavily using Wifi.


On 5 October 2010 11:31, Duncan Barclay <dmlb at dmlb.org> wrote:

> Hi all
> Wondering whether anyone can offer a recommendation for a decent wireless
> ADSL modem plus router.
> By decent, I mean something that offers good performance when transferring
> files from one network node to another with both stations wireless. I've got
> a couple of older routers (Zyxel BT branded, and Belkin F5D7632), and they
> both have very poor performance when transferring files from machine to
> machine. Downloading from the ADSL connection is fine (i.e. lots of Mb/s),
> but the machine to machine file transfer is around 700k/s. This is across
> various OS's: FreeBSD, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, PS3; and various transfer
> types: FTP, media streaming, SMB etc, and both routers.
> Most of the reviews I read out there, don't really seem to measure this
> aspect too much - they concentrate on how quickly files can transfer to/from
> one wireless client to one wired server or via the ADSL port. I want
> wireless to wireless transfer.
> Thanks
> Duncan
> PS. Yup, I know to expect half the available bandwidth when in
> infrastructure mode.
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