[Ukfreebsd] November London BSD Pub Meet.

Jonathan Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Thu Nov 25 08:18:19 GMT 2010

OS X here but there's not a vast difference for doing this. Using their suggested commands NAT adapted rather than Apple's GUI which might not handle the NAT.

In case anybody wonders what "so many problems" include it's thing like instant messenger file transfers that actually work and at a reasonable speed, doing any peer-to-peer stuff without messing with forwarding on your router, running a SIP service, making any of this work properly for more than one machine.

What will be amusing is when people activate the (already existent) IPv6 stack on on windows and connect their network without considering what that means for the open shares on their desktops. I expect ISPs are going to have to block SMB/CIFS.


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