[Ukfreebsd] November London BSD Pub Meet.

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Nov 24 23:30:57 GMT 2010

> I've recently had another go at finding a non-broken broker and
> have settled on http://tunnelbroker.net and it seems to work. I
> intend to review what's open and what's not IPv6 wise on my network
> before I _keep_ the tunnel up.

I use them, plus 6to4 in parallel, which gives great
connectivity. Oddly my tunnel broke when I moved from
FreeBSD 7 to FreeBSd 8 though - which version are you
using ?

Never got on well with the sixxs stuff - only use as a last
resort really. Roll on proper Ipv6 everywhere ... it's probably
my most essential new feature in computres of the last 5 years,
makes so many problems simply vanish.


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