[Ukfreebsd] iSCSI was Re: knock knock

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Fri Mar 26 12:42:26 GMT 2010

> Sadly unless I'm mistaken (It wouldn't be the first time) the FreeBSD
> implementation of ZFS still does not contain the kernel CIFS and iSCSI
> support. There is also the problem of where ZFS is going due to the SUN

Well, it isn;t in the kenel - but then neither is the NFS support.
You cant simply set the iSCSI share property, but I can vouch for
being able to share a zvol using one of the iscsi targets from ports.
I generally use the netBSD one, as it's much simpler to configure.
but the FreeBSD 'native' one, istgt, also works well.


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