[Ukfreebsd] knock knock

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 12:38:30 GMT 2010

On 26/03/2010 00:01, James O'Gorman wrote:
> On 25 Mar 2010, at 16:51, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
>> Not sure If I'll be able to make it yet, just incase anyone might
>> be interested, on the 21st is the monthly london opensolaris
>> usergroup meeting at customer briefing centre on london bridge, its
>> usually full of sun engineers&  unix folk, highly recommended
>> http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/User+Group+losug/Events
> But Oracle have put a stop to the free food + booze :-(

That was disappointing

> Otherwise still a good night though - as Sevan said, plenty of
> techies to talk to and swap horror stories with or learn new tricks
> from.
> Alasdair's talk on Zones and ZFS last week was brilliant.

Yes, he did a great job
Slides are up at
if anyone is interested

>> Though being into BSD&  it's simple processes for doing things on
>> your system will probably make you find yourself thinking "why do
>> you have to make it so complicated"
> Horses for courses :-) (I use both on a daily basis)
> I'll likely be at LOSUG again next month, though. If anyone wants to
> arrange a "LBUG" meet I'd be up for that too.

aha, nice to have a BSD user on the end of this, I always end up 
sounding like the nutcase with the OpenBSD t-shirt whenever I try to 
talk about this at LOSUG, don't get me wrong whenever I see technical 
demos of DTrace or ZFS I'm always foaming at the mouth, but there have 
been so many talks where I've sat the & thought WTF or gone back to try 
it & failed, examples:
Crossbow: it wasn't really working until it made it into 09.06 then they 
go & stick a dependency on e1000 cards (em(4) on Free/OpenBSD) why?
Only thing I can think of is because of QoS in which case if you removed 
support for that on other chipsets you would still have a damn amazing 
tool for building virtual networks.
It seemed like a poorly implemented version of virtnet based on what I 
saw from trying out imunes
overcomplicated once again.
Anyone know if they got the idea for crossbow from vimage/virtnet, I 
know they borrowed some bits from the FreeBSD stack mainly the 
net80211(9) & all the relevant wifi drivers.

The talk on building a custom distro:
What a mess that was, how many xml files did he have to edit & commands 
to issue?
couldn't they have the equivalent to "make release"??

Source juicer:
Another one where I was scratching my head, they'd taken the redhat 
policy format for building RPM's & used that as the template for IPS 
package manifests. why?
Since when has rpm ever been a good idea for one to use that as the 
basis for their new packaging format?

I think it was part of Suns big plan to make a "open source" OS which 
stank like Linux but it wasn't Linux.
Trying to contribute patches is a bit of a shambles aswell, 6 months 
turn around to get a USB device ID added back into their tree for a 
rum(4) device, they decided not to bring the devices ID's for the 
supported devices from FreeBSD when the ported the drivers across *sigh*
It's taken me nearly a year to get support for two devices add to rum & 
rwn drivers.


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