[Ukfreebsd] knock knock

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 16:51:34 GMT 2010

On 25 March 2010 12:26, Mark Blackman <mark at blackmans.org> wrote:
> Speaking of which, I propose a BSD/FreeBSD London meet-up
> on April 22 (i.e. after Easter break for most schools) at
> http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/55/5511/Edgar_Wallace/Temple
> For about 7pm.
> Any takers?

Not sure If I'll be able to make it yet, just incase anyone might be
interested, on the 21st is the monthly london opensolaris usergroup
meeting at customer briefing centre on london bridge, its usually full
of sun engineers & unix folk, highly recommended

Though being into BSD & it's simple processes for doing things on your
system will probably make you find yourself thinking "why do you have
to make it so complicated"


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