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O'Connor, Kevin KevinO'Connor at merseyfire.gov.uk
Thu Mar 25 08:32:39 GMT 2010

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> On 24/03/2010 15:57, O'Connor, Kevin wrote:
> > Yes it's been down for several months :(
> >
> > Well now it's back I'd like to ask if anyone is using 7.x/8 with an
> > iSCSI SAN in a production environment and if so how it runs.
> not played with it myself, but I'd love to see the FreeBSD equivalent
> of OpenStorage, bringing in ZFS & DTrace into play (something for the
> FreeNAS project perhaps?) I assume you've seen Brendan Greggs famous
> shouting video
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDacjrSCeq4 :)

Ah ZFS Now there is another can of worms.
Sadly unless I'm mistaken (It wouldn't be the first time) the FreeBSD
implementation of ZFS still does not contain the kernel CIFS and iSCSI
support. There is also the problem of where ZFS is going due to the SUN
acquisition by Oracle. FreeNAS does have some iSCSI support and we do
use it here as an rsync server for centralising the backups but it never
really IMHO reached production quality for enterprise deployment
although with the changes going on there I live in hope.

If none on the list can offer pointers on iSCSI deployment I guess I'll
just have to suck it and see. Maybe the guys over at HP can offer some
advice beyond "It's not supported"

> Sevan

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