[Ukfreebsd] [UkOpenBSDUsers] proposed *BSD meet in London, late June

Robert N. M. Watson rwatson at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jun 26 11:35:40 BST 2010

On 25 Jun 2010, at 21:43, Mark Blackman wrote:

>> At least on my part, it's due to overall scheduling failure, but I definitely do mean to make it sometime.
>> On the mini-talklet front, I'd be happy to do something short on either of the following two areas:
>> - Virtualized network stack (... how to do 10,000 virtual network stacks on one FreeBSD box ...)
>> - Capsicum: practical capabilities for UNIX ( ... sandboxing on FreeBSD, Chromium, security models, ...)
>> Since both are larger conference talks I have given recently / will give soon.
> Hooray, that sounds like a deal. Care to volunteer rough dates off-list or on-list? 
> I'm still looking at venues at the moment.

Let me ponder dates a bit longer, it's a fairly crazy summer here

>> At the risk of sounding gauche, I suspect I could book a venue in the Cambridge city centre close to plenty of pubs, very pretty in the summer, but a slightly longer trek from London.
> I like the idea if it makes it more attractive to you, but I would rather find a way to 
> persuade you to somewhere in London. :) I've got a feeling we could find a way to at least
> cover your costs.

Travel costs aren't the issue so much as time, unfortunately. I'll ponder dates (per above).

Following both lines of thought simultaneously: it's easy for me to book entirely appropriate locations in West Cambridge (Wolfson, Churchill, the Computer Laboratory), but that's annoyingly far from the rail station and useful pubs. I'll chat with some folks institutionally more central and see what I can come up with there.


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