[Ukfreebsd] [UkOpenBSDUsers] August meetup

andy thomas andy at time-domain.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 08:21:21 BST 2010

On Wed, 25 Aug 2010, Vincent Hoffman wrote:

> On 25/08/2010 19:37, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
>> On 25 August 2010 18:12, andy thomas <andy at time-domain.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Is this now definite for tomorrow?
>> Yes,
>>> Also, a technical question about jails set up under ezjail: the scenario is
>>> a server running FBSD 8.0/amd64 has some jails running on it which are
>>> frequently rsync'd to a second server which acts as a failover. Apparently
>>> this used to work OK (so I'm told) but something happened to the second
>>> server and it was sent away for repair - when it came back all the disks had
>>> been replaced and there was no O/S.
>>> FBSD 8.0 wouldn't install on the repaired server but 8.1 did and it's
>>> working OK and rsyncing the jails over from the other server. But even
>>> though ezjail has been built & installed and the ezjail.cond file copied
>>> over from the other server, executing '/usr/local/etc/ezjail.sh start' does
>>> nothing. The 2 questions I have are:
>>>        1. is it OK to simply mirror jails from one server to the
>>>           other or do I have to actually use ezjail-admin to install,
>>>           update & create the empty jails first and then mirror them
>>>           afterwards?
>>>        2. is the FBSD version mismatch likely to be an issue? I
>>>           know I can create FBSD 8.0 jails on a 8.1 host but I'm not
>>>           sure if this is why the jails are not starting on the
>>>           backup server.
>>> The jails are all under /home/jails by the way and as you can see I'm new to
>>> ezjail.
>> Ignoring the data copied from original server & any configuration
>> related to that, are you able to create a new jail & start it up using
>> ezjail on the repaired host?
> Also have you copied the /usr/local/etc/ezjail directory and the files
> it contains as well as ezjail.conf ?

Thanks, that fixed it! /usr/local/etc/ezjail was empty and the 
/etc/fstab.[jailname] files were missing also - copying them all across 
got these jails up & running.

I owe you a drink or three - will you be in the Cleveland tonight?

cheers and thanks a lot,


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