[Ukfreebsd] NFS from within a jail

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 13:21:25 BST 2010

On 27 Apr 2010, at 09:49 PM, Mark Blackman <mark at blackmans.org> wrote:

> Seems NFS clients should be fine in jails. I can also see that
> I've not kept up with NFS under FreeBSD. Apparently, we've moved
> on to  'rpcbind' (server side) instead of 'portmap'.
> This URL, http://www.freebsddiary.org/nfs-portmap.php , seems to
> suggest it's a matter of adjusting the hosts.allow on the server, but
> I wonder if you have configuration access to the NFS server in
> question.
> - Mark

Hi Mark,
I have root access on the system in question so there's no  
restrictions there, I was hoping to get the nfs server running from  
within the jail aswell as the client, as nfs has some components which  
live in the kernel it's going to show stopper unless I do a bodge job  
on the host, going to give net/unfs3 a try as that should do the  
trick, will followup once i've given it a shot.

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