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Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 19:18:24 BST 2010

On 23 Apr 2010, at 09:37 PM, Robert Watson <rwatson at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

> While I have great respect for the OpenBSD folk, I don't think a non- 
> parallel kernel can be considered to "really run" on sun4v, stable  
> or otherwise. There's little point in having 64 hardware threads if  
> your kernel can only run on one at a time, especially with network- 
> centric workloads.  My on-going work on network stack scalability  
> for Juniper is targeted at 16-core amd64 servers and 32-thread MIPS  
> network appliance parts (I'm using RMI/NetLogicMicro XLS and XLR).   
> You can read a bit about it here:
>  http://www.freebsd.org/news/status/report-2010-01-2010-03.html#TCP/UDP-connection-groups
> The goal is to effectively utilize 16 cores or 32 threads in  
> concurrent TCP processing with at least 10gbps, and ideally 20gbps.
> Robert

You're right, it sucks to have a network stack that's not  
multithreaded on the other hand it's really nice that everything works  
(ignoring the SMP related issues) on the other hand freebsd supports  
all those cores & puts them to use, but the hardware support is not  
there, for me featureset is far more important than performance but I  
guess if you're dealing with 10 or 20Gbps speeds it's the other way  
Is it right to forefit technical correctness in pursuit of speed?


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