[Ukfreebsd] list mail problems

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 13:39:38 BST 2010

On 23/04/2010 13:27, Frank Shute wrote:
> Can anybody explain why I haven't received any mail from this list
> since 08/03/08 until a couple of days ago?
> I always received the monthly reminder that I was subscribed and I did
> try mailing the postmaster telling him I wasn't receiving mail.
> What's changed?
> Regards,

The list grinded to a halt on august 09 & revived on the 24th of last month.
There was a large ammount of stale email addersses in the members list 
so though the server was revived the invalid addresses were causing 
message delivery attempts to fail due to too many errors & the self 
maintaining bounce mechanism wasn't able to run properly to prune 
addresses. I've been clearing the invalid addresses from the members 
list for the past few days & all is well now.


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