[Ukfreebsd] list mail problems

Stefan Bethke stefan.bethke at hanse.de
Fri Apr 23 13:38:11 BST 2010

Am 23.04.2010 um 14:33 schrieb Mark Blackman:

> On 23 Apr 2010, at 13:27, Frank Shute wrote:
>> Can anybody explain why I haven't received any mail from this list
>> since 08/03/08 until a couple of days ago?
>> I always received the monthly reminder that I was subscribed and I did
>> try mailing the postmaster telling him I wasn't receiving mail.
>> What's changed?
> sorry, no clue. the list only "woke" up about 3 weeks ago after a long
> winter hibernation. I run the host that this jail sits on, so I can,
> in the absence of Joe, barge in and see what's up.  If I don't hear
> anything from Joe, I'll look into it.

It appears that mailman is not processing administrative mails. Some time during the last couple of days, the vacation setting for a secondary address that I'm also subscribed with got reset, so I tried to get mailman to send me the password for that address, or unsubscribe it, but I haven't received anything from mailman (yet).

Thanks for looking into it!


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