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Tutton, James James.Tutton at redstone.co.uk
Tue May 12 15:32:10 BST 2009

Hi Folks,

Probably a very simple answer but can't find it for looking.

How can you get newsyslog.conf to move older files to a separate directory.  The manual for newsyslog says

     -a directory

             Specify a directory into which archived log files will be writ-

             ten.  If directory is a relative path, it is appended to the par-

             ent directory of each log and the archived log is stored in the

             result.  If an absolute path is given, all archived logs are

             stored in the given directory.  If directory does not exist for a

             specified log, it is ignored for that entry and the log is rotat-

             ed as if the -a option was not specified.

But can't find an equivalent option to include in newsyslog.conf as want to put different files in different directories.

James Tutton 

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