[Ukfreebsd] Internal ADSL2 Card

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Wed Jan 28 16:07:06 GMT 2009

O'Connor, Kevin wrote:
> ...
>>     If you really want to touch this tar baby, I have partial code,
>> cards, and a G.DMT external modem with an ATM25 port, ready to send to
>> you, the willing victim.
> LMAO if this is your idea of persuading me to start to write a driver
> I'd hate to see you try and put me off ;)
> It seems support in the BSDs for this type of card is poor at best so
> send me what you have and I'll scan through it and see what I can come
> up with.

There is ATM driver support there, Harti Brandt is mostly responsible, 
but it's all for optical 155Mbps stuff, not end-user stuff for folk like 
us who run our own gigs with small beer.

> Anyone like to put forward a suggestion for a particular piece of kit to
> try it on first if not I'll just go with the above offer for starters
> and see where this can of worms takes me.

The cards I have are pretty shonky Efficient Networks (now Siemens) 
Lanai. One has an on-board Alcatel DynaMiTE chipset, the other two are 
ATM25. Those came from phk. If phk got bored and threw toys out of pram, 
you can just tell how irritating this was.

I have an HG repo with the Lanai stuff.

I know for a fact that buffer management is hosed. There is no 
scatter-gather DMA engine in the Lanai; its all one big fat ring buffer, 
and the data is inline with the tx and rx descriptors, so no zero-copy 
for you.

I did get the firmware download to the ADSL chipset working for the 
on-board modem Lanai variants.

I also have some ForeRunners, I think.

Postage is liable to be annoying. If you're in or around London, you can 
collect from me (hey, swing by, it's nice and green here in N1). Tab to 
T.Abthorpe so donation can be recorded in the scrolls.


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