[Ukfreebsd] Internal ADSL2 Card

O'Connor, Kevin KevinO'Connor at merseyfire.gov.uk
Wed Jan 28 15:54:16 GMT 2009

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> O'Connor, Kevin wrote:
> > I suppose I could always pull my finger out and write a driver for
> one
> > of the common chipsets.
> >
>     Welcome to a bucket of dildoes.
>     The ITU has pretty much mandated the existence of ATM forevermore
> in
> the form of G.DMT-lite, and this was reflected in BT's IPStream
> offering being ATM based at the point of delivery.   I don't know if
> this is the case for ADSL2+ still.
>     Whether it's for the sake of protectionism, herd behaviour, or
> plain slackness, I care not, but, there is more than one way to slap a
> clock line on to turn copper into an isochronous comms channel, and
> come
> on, Ethernet is even being used for avionics now.
>     Hint: Netgraph and MPD is probably the way to go. An ng_pppoa node
> would need to be written. The netnatm code is "good enough" for
> FreeBSD's userland ppp to run on, but all those context switches with
> Mr
> tun(4) suck for serious use.
>     End-station stuff for ADSL is always PVC based, so there is no
> to implement ATM SVC signalling -- it should be a simple matter of
> writing a driver which conforms to netnatm.
>     And besides, the vendors never did give out their switch secrets
> almost all publicly published ATM specs conveniently leave switching
> ops
> as "implementation defined", probably another way of saying, "give us
> the money or the project gets it".
>     If you really want to touch this tar baby, I have partial code,
> cards, and a G.DMT external modem with an ATM25 port, ready to send to
> you, the willing victim.
>     The ATM25/10mbps ethernet dual mode switch I left at ICSI in
> Berkeley, is probably still in the corner office I shared with Luigi
> and
> Marko gathering dust.
> Skip Ford volunteered a while back. "He went down to the generators,
> and
> never came back..."
> love and rockets

LMAO if this is your idea of persuading me to start to write a driver
I'd hate to see you try and put me off ;)

It seems support in the BSDs for this type of card is poor at best so
send me what you have and I'll scan through it and see what I can come
up with.

Anyone like to put forward a suggestion for a particular piece of kit to
try it on first if not I'll just go with the above offer for starters
and see where this can of worms takes me.

If it all turns pear shaped I suppose I can't say I haven't been warned

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