[Ukfreebsd] Internal ADSL2 Card

Stefan Bethke stefan.bethke at hanse.de
Wed Jan 28 15:52:48 GMT 2009

Am 28.01.2009 um 16:22 schrieb Bruce M Simpson:

> O'Connor, Kevin wrote:
>> I suppose I could always pull my finger out and write a driver for  
>> one
>> of the common chipsets.
>   Welcome to a bucket of dildoes.
>   The ITU has pretty much mandated the existence of ATM forevermore  
> in the form of G.DMT-lite, and this was reflected in BT's IPStream  
> network offering being ATM based at the point of delivery.   I don't  
> know if this is the case for ADSL2+ still.

I believe so. However, VDSL2 supports a new mode:

> Packet Transfer Mode –  Transmission Convergence PTM-TC In addition  
> to classical ATM transport, VDSL2 supports the transport of packet- 
> based services (e.g. Ethernet packets, IP packets, etc.) In  
> particular, VDSL2 specifies a Packet Transfer Mode – Transmission  
> Convergence (PTM-TC) function that is based on the Ethernet in the  
> First Mile (EFM) IEEE802.3ah standard.operating in an ADSL2/2+ mode.

Deutsche Telekom's VDSL2 network AFAIK is using this end-to-end  
ethernet mode; the outdoor DSLAMs are backhauled over 1GBps or 10GBps  
fiber connections.

I personally feel that the usual external ADSL2 modems with PPPoE  
bridge support are "good enough", and adding additional support on a  
lower level is mostly not worth it (from a general consumer  
standpoint, not as an embedded systems vendor). I think the situation  
here is similar to what we've seen with ISDN support about 5 years  
back: nobody really cares enough to make it work and continue to  
support it.


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