[Ukfreebsd] pfsense/Ethernet Modem - Vigor 100 (not 110!)

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Wed Feb 25 20:02:00 GMT 2009

--- On Wed, 2/25/09, RW <rwmaillists at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Note that there are two ways of doing this with UK ISPs.
> One is the way
> that the Vigor works, by bridging PPPoA to PPPoE, the other
> is to
> simply bridge PPPoE. The first approach will work with any
> ISP, but
> isn't supported by all modems and routers (the Draytek
> Vigor 100
> was the first to support this). The second approach is more
> widely
> supported by modems/routers, but requires PPPoE support
> from the ISP,
> which is common but not ubiquitous.

Thanks for this info; useful to know. :)
> According to the Draytek site the 100 and 110 are
> functionally
> identical, and use the same chipset. I notice that the
> modems on the
> site are pictured with a single ethernet port, whereas my
> Vigor 100 has
> four-ports. 

This accounts for my confusion in the second hand market on this modem then:  some sellers describe a modem, others a 'modem router'.  I guess the latter must be a model with four LAN ports, not one!  

Confusion, reduced!

I think the original photos showed it with
> one-port too. You
> may want to check this as the extra ports allow you to
> route-out to
> three other PCs/devices without even a second ethernet port
> on the
> firewall.

If I cannot get my current modem/router configured for bridging and thus go the draytek route, does your comment mean that having the 'extra' 3 LAN ports (the first being used to go to the firewall/pssense) will not interfere with what I am trying to set up, which to reiterate would be WAN/Internet; LAN and DMZ?  

This was part of the reason for asking the original question - uncertainty about whether having a router/LAN ports more than one in number, would somehow mess up the setup I'm trying for?!




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