[Ukfreebsd] webcams

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Wed Feb 25 19:37:46 GMT 2009

I've got these cool little ITX "all-in-one" motherboards with 128M of RAM 
and 40GB 2.5" hard drives.  I've got about thirty of them in fact.  They 
used to be controllers in casino slot machines...

I'm about to have a baby girl.  She was actually due last Sunday and 
literally any moment she should be born.

I'm a bit behind schedule, but I have been planning to use one or more of 
these little units to make a "babycam" to sit in the nursery and monitor 
it, which I would then be able to access from my office in the basement or 
even offsite somewhere.

With only 128MB of RAM Windows is pretty much out of the question, and I 
would rather stab myself with a fork than load Windows anyway.  Any 
pointers on decent supported webcams (USB?) and streaming software?



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