[Ukfreebsd] pfsense/Ethernet Modem - Vigor 100 (not 110!)

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Wed Feb 25 19:25:41 GMT 2009

You certainly have the right hacking attitude ;)  Good luck!


On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Passive PROFITS wrote:

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>> Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 8:04 AM
>> You are on the right track.  You may be able to get the
>> manual for this beast online rather than wait for them to
>> ship something to you.
> I tried google but got nowhere, hence the request direct to manufacturers ... However, ploughing about in the help files that ship with the gateway gave reference to a CLI; which has rather brilliantly brought me to google for a reference manual for that .... And I'm now sat looking at a 796 page reference manual for CLI operation for model v. closely related to mine -  http://www.elion.ee/docs/abi_info/kasiraamat/speedtouch_st706wl-780wl_cli.pdf
> Also, and finally, after a bit of digging, the original user manual for exactly the right model:
> http://www.pogadajmy.com.pl/st780/st780sip_userguide.pdf which fortunately does cover the basics of gaining access to the (flash?) drive.
> Somewhere in there, I sincerely hope, is all the info I'm going to need to reconfigure it as a bridge (starting with how to access the CLI, as there is (rather unhelpfully) no way to do that from the web GUI!!)! :)
> Thanks so much Jeff!  All the rest of your most helpful pointers below, also noted with much appreciation. ...  I think I'm going to be able to crack this now, even if not today, by the end of the week for sure, even if I have to read all 900 pages collected! :)
> Brilliant; ?40-?60 saved ...
> Best,
> PP
> You may also get some help from your
>> ISP (did they provide this box to you as part of their
>> service?), who may be able to tell you if you can put it in
>> bridging mode.  I would start with Google something like
>> "Speedtouch 780WL Broadband Gateway Bridging
>> setup".
>> Option three sounds more like a DMZ setup.  There should be
>> somewhere to specifiy explicitly "bridging".
>> If you do figure that much out, you will give the public IP
>> address to your pfsense outside ethernet port.
>> Another option would be to use the DMZ setup (which sounds
>> like option 3) which should direct all traffic unfiltered to
>> the pfsense box, but on an internal address.  You can still
>> then do all of your filtering on the pfsense box, and just
>> have ANOTHER internal segment defined for the other side of
>> the pfsense box, and the rest of your network.  A little
>> hokey, but valid.
>> j
>> On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Passive PROFITS wrote:
>>> --- On Wed, 2/25/09, Jeff LaCoursiere
>> <jeff at jeff.net> wrote:
>>>> This may seem like a silly suggestion,
>>> Hi Jeff,
>>> Thanks for the speedy response; much appreciated.
>> First off - nothing is a silly suggestion when you're as
>> new to this as me ...  Please - treat me like the idiot I am
>> when it comes to all of this!
>>> but the easiest way
>>>> would be for
>>>> you to continue to use your "SOHO"
>> equipment to
>>>> terminate the DSL line.
>>> OK ...  That would be great news if I can make it work
>> that way ...  Certainly I hadn't costed buying any new
>> equipment so if I can get the current router to work the way
>> you suggest, that would be, like, fantastic ... and I can
>> get on with building the new LAN today, rather than waiting
>> a week for an Ethernet modem to arrive!
>>>> If you can put this device in bridging mode
>>> Have you any idea how I would go about trying to do
>> that?  It might be worth repeating here I'm completely
>> new to pretty much all of this, so do not even know what
>> 'bridging mode' is, though a quick wikipedia tells
>> me it's not so hard to understand roughly what this
>> means, I think!
>>> FYI, the blurb from the existing modem/router/gateway
>> box does tell me the following in the 'router
>> features' section:
>>> - Bridging/Relay:  Ethernet/PPPoE
>>> So I'm hopeful this means I can use the existing
>> hardware as you suggest?
>>> However, having just played around with the gateways
>> config, I can find only one thing/setting which might be the
>> thing you are talking about... In the firewall section of
>> the router/modem config it has three settings:
>>> 1)  Block All - self explanatory! :)
>>> 2)  Standard - allow all out; block all in with
>> game/app sharing
>>> allowed.
>>> 3)  Disabled - All traffic is allowed to pass through
>> your speedtouch. Game and application sharing is allowed by
>> the firewall.
>>> Am I right to assume if I set the firewall to
>> disabled/3 above, the router/modem is now in 'bridging
>> mode'?  There is no reference anywhere else in the
>> config screens to anything else that seems to be it ... FYI
>> I've just written to the manufacturer and asked for a
>> user manual ... so hopefully if it's more complicated
>> than that, the manual will spill the beans on how to get
>> this done ...  when ever (if ever) that manual arrives!
>>> If so, the only other thing that's holding me up,
>> is that this SOHO modem/router (Speedtouch 780WL Broadband
>> Gateway) has four cat5 LAN ports on it ...  Do I simply (if
>> the above gets bridging working) plug in a cat5 cable into
>> one of these LAN ports, and plug the other end into the
>> pfsense box, and off I go?  Job done?
>>> I would just give it a spin, but that would involve
>> hours untangling the snake-pit of leads to get the parts in
>> the right place, and having spent the last two days doing
>> just that ...  I'd be grateful for knowing that I was
>> not doing all that re-wiring, just to end up having to re-do
>> it all again, because what I've just described,
>> isn't the way to do it! LOL
>>> Any further help very much appreciated ...  I'm
>> keen to try get this done today, now I know it might be
>> possible with this existing hardware! :)
>>> Keen; me! :) LOL
>>> Sincerely,
>>> PP
>>> you will have
>>>> exactly what you
>>>> want - DSL converted to ethernet and pfsense has
>> all the
>>>> filtering
>>>> responsibilities.
>>>> j
>>>> On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Passive PROFITS wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> This is my first post here, I think, so be
>> gentle! :)
>>>>> I have moved over from Windows to Linux, and
>> had a
>>>> play with FreeBSD, all in the last 18 months;
>> I'm not at
>>>> all a techie by profession, so struggle quite a
>> bit, but
>>>> feel I'm finally getting places with FOSS!
>>>>> I am writing to the list as I've just
>> installed
>>>> pfsense on an old machine here that I wish to use
>> as a
>>>> firewall; so far so good - I am trying to
>> reconfigure the
>>>> LAN here more from a SOHO setup (using a consumer
>>>> gateway/firewall/router) to a corporate-type LAN
>> setup with
>>>> a dedicated firewall machine, i.e. to have an
>> internet
>>>> connection, a LAN and also a DMZ.  At the same
>> time I wish
>>>> to go completely wired, for security reasons.
>>>>> Unfortunately, I discovered that I need an
>> Ethernet
>>>> modem (it would seem) to (easily!) configure
>> pfsense to act
>>>> in the way that I wish it to.  Certainly I cannot
>> find any
>>>> way to use the USB ADSL modem I have of old, only
>> reference
>>>> from one poster here that it took them 3 months of
>>>> head-scratching to get that sort of set-up to
>> work.  I'm
>>>> keen to avoid that outcome, as I've already
>> spent 24
>>>> hours head-scratching before I realised I was
>> trying to use
>>>> the wrong sort of modem - a USB one!! LOL
>>>>> The question I have that I would be immensely
>> grateful
>>>> for an answer to, is whether or not this product
>> will work
>>>> as the Ethernet modem on the pfsense machine:
>> Draytek Vigor
>>>> 100 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem -
>> http://www.shop.bt.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=512Z&SearchType=1&SearchTerms=vigor+100&PageMode=3&SearchKey=All&SearchMode=All&NavigationKey=0#imagegallery
>>>>> I note that the archives of the list contain
>> positive
>>>> reference to Draytek Vigor 110 ... this model is
>> the vigor
>>>> 100; would it also do the job??
>>>>> TIA for any confirmation it will (or
>> won't!) work
>>>> or pointers to what other makes/models will
>> (ideally very
>>>> easily) do the job.  Specifically there is a few
>> of these
>>>> Ethernet modems available on ebay - D-Link
>> DSL-320T ADSL
>>>> Ethernet Modem (1 RJ-11 ADSL port)  - would that
>> work if I
>>>> cannot get a hold of the draytek vigor 100?
>>>>> Sincerely,
>>>>> PP
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