[Ukfreebsd] pfsense/Ethernet Modem - Vigor 100 (not 110!)

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Feb 25 17:04:29 GMT 2009

Just a comment in passing as I saw the word "Speedtouch". Recent
experience with a couple of these beasts is that they cannot be put
into bridging mode. I ended up simpy replacing the ASDL router with
one which did to bridging mode and that simply pluggeed in and
dished out a live IP address via DHCP. Unfortunately tech support
for my ISP didnt really understand the question, which is why I soent
too long fighting with the Speedtouch.

I dont normally do ADSL, living in a cable area, but after getting
an approrpiate roiter, it all worked just the same.


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