[Ukfreebsd] pfsense/Ethernet Modem - Vigor 100 (not 110!)

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Wed Feb 25 14:19:54 GMT 2009

Hi All,

This is my first post here, I think, so be gentle! :)  

I have moved over from Windows to Linux, and had a play with FreeBSD, all in the last 18 months; I'm not at all a techie by profession, so struggle quite a bit, but feel I'm finally getting places with FOSS!  

I am writing to the list as I've just installed pfsense on an old machine here that I wish to use as a firewall; so far so good - I am trying to reconfigure the LAN here more from a SOHO setup (using a consumer gateway/firewall/router) to a corporate-type LAN setup with a dedicated firewall machine, i.e. to have an internet connection, a LAN and also a DMZ.  At the same time I wish to go completely wired, for security reasons.

Unfortunately, I discovered that I need an Ethernet modem (it would seem) to (easily!) configure pfsense to act in the way that I wish it to.  Certainly I cannot find any way to use the USB ADSL modem I have of old, only reference from one poster here that it took them 3 months of head-scratching to get that sort of set-up to work.  I'm keen to avoid that outcome, as I've already spent 24 hours head-scratching before I realised I was trying to use the wrong sort of modem - a USB one!! LOL

The question I have that I would be immensely grateful for an answer to, is whether or not this product will work as the Ethernet modem on the pfsense machine:  Draytek Vigor 100 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem - 


I note that the archives of the list contain positive reference to Draytek Vigor 110 ... this model is the vigor 100; would it also do the job??

TIA for any confirmation it will (or won't!) work or pointers to what other makes/models will (ideally very easily) do the job.  Specifically there is a few of these Ethernet modems available on ebay - D-Link DSL-320T ADSL Ethernet Modem (1 RJ-11 ADSL port)  - would that work if I cannot get a hold of the draytek vigor 100?




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