[Ukfreebsd] PPPOA and FreeBSD

Steve Brownjohn Steve.Brownjohn at hackney.gov.uk
Tue Sep 23 07:56:33 BST 2008

this may be a simple question and, yes, I have read the fine manual but
it left me more confused.
I use FreeBSD on a desktop computer, currently with a dial-up
connection. I want to move to broadband but I learn that the UK, along
with Belgium apparently, uses ppp over ATM rather than over ethernet.
The modem/router I'm buying (Linksys WAG200G) uses an ethernet cable to
the PC - can I set up the modem-internet connection as pppoa and then
tune the PC-modem connection as pppoe ? Or is there another workaround ?
Many thanks for any ideas on how I can configure this,

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