[Ukfreebsd] Recap: FreeBSD developer summit in Cambridge in August

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 22 10:08:50 BST 2008

> Dear all:
> I was going to send some e-mail around at the time, but since the list was 
> broken, I didn't.  However, I thought I would send it now though, just to 
> remind people that we are alive and kicking in the UK.
> Between about 15 August and 18 August, we hosted a FreeBSD developer summit in 
> Cambridge, UK.  Developer summits are invitation-only events (although often 
> with lots of guests) at which developers meet up to talk kernels, debugging, 
> releases, and, of course, socialize.  We hosted daytime activities at the 
> Computer Laboratory in West Cambridge, and most developers stayed at King's 
> College, Cambridge.  The joint focuses of this developer summit were network 
> stack virtualization and punting (we did this twice, and one unnamed developer 
> fell in).  You can find a brief wiki page on the schedule here, not all of 
> the slides are there yet though:
>    http://wiki.freebsd.org/200808DevSummit
> Among our guests were two gentleman from Citrix (was: XenSource) in Cambridge, 
> who gave a nice talk on Xen internals, and also their enthusiasm for FreeBSD 
> working well with Xen.  As some of you may know, FreeBSD 8-CURRENT includes 
> Xen DomU support, but there's a lot left to do (including get it merged to 
> FreeBSD 7.x, ideally in time for FreeBSD 7.2).  We also had talks on a variety 
> of other topics, including variant symlinks, our general work on network stack 
> virtualization for 8.x, kernel privilege and capability models, FreeBSD 8.0, 
> application compatibility, SSL (Ben Laurie was one of our guests, although by 
> the end of the weekend he was signed up as a new FreeBSD committer), etc.
> The summit was, I think, extremely successful.  Largely, we attracted 
> developers from the UK and Europe, although we had one (Brooks Davis) from the 
> US, bringing us to around 20ish.  The last FreeBSD developer summit in Ottawa, 
> in contrast, was about 70, but this was still a good number.  And hopefully 
> good practice for organizing EuorBSDCon 2009 in Cambridge next year!

That sounds really cool Robert, can't wait for EuroBSDCon 09!
A couple of questions:
The network stack virtualisation in 8.0 is that virtnet or something written from scratch??
Xen DomU support, how far off are we from having a EC2 image for testing???

Sevan / Venture37
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