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Sat Sep 20 21:13:57 BST 2008

My new disk appears as wd0 wdc0  
(What's the difference? I'm afraid I'm really confused by these things
referring to almost(?) the same thing with scarily similar names?)

My old disk appears as wd2  wcd1 (I *think*!)
(Damn, I forgot to note that down before booting the old disk (only) again:
now I'm thoroughly confused, sorry! Actually this is doubly tricky, as the
new 3.2 install isn't in a fit state to get access to the net, so I can't
type this message from there, only from 2.2.7 on the old disk..)

My old disk partitions were as follows:
(from /etc/fstab)

/dev/wd0s2b  swap
/dev/wd0s2a  /

Trying any and all combinations of

mount -r /dev/wd1s2a   /mnt
mount -r /dev/wd2s2a   /mnt

does not seem to get me anywhere.

(Combinations being omitting the 'a' at the end, changing 1 to 2, etc, etvc)

I think that mount -r /dev/wd2s2a   /mnt  is the right
mount-point??? but there doesn't seem to be a /dev/wd2s2a on my new 3.2
system (only wd2s2, IIRC).  Is this right, and if so, how do I go about
making the right device?

Sorry, for being so vague and confused: I've just realised that I haven't
noted down nearly as much relevant information as I'd needed to, and I'm on
the "wrong disk" to be able to check up as I type :-(  
Plus being the end of a long evening trying to get this install to work,
doesn't help... :-(

Any help in getting my old hard disk mounted in tandem with the new one
would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
(cc:s from FreeBSD-questions would be very welcome as I don't have the
bandwidth/money to subscribe to the full mailing list)

Many thanks,


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