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never figured out HP's screwy model numbering system, but at one time
I thought that anything with an odd second number was not a
WinPrinter.  However, a few even-numbered printers are not
WinPrinters, so that blew that idea out the window.  I'm not entirely
sure why they think they need to have 200 different models of printers
to choose from, either, with seemingly no differences between one
model and the next.  Enough ranting...

I have an 870Cse at home, and it works wonderfully.  Here at work, I
have an 895Cse sitting in the corner attached to a JetDirect box, and
it basically just has better output than my 870 and is a tad speedier.
Just about anything in the 8xx series of printers should work nicely
and have great print output.  Some of the lower series printers still
do speak PCL, but their print output and speed isn't nearly as good.
You'd better check HP's website and look at the specs of the printer
you want to make real it at least speaks PCL.  Anything that only
speaks "Printing Performance Architecture" is definately a lowly
WinPrinter.  We got stuck with a couple of those and didn't realize it
until we couldn't print from one of our old DOS apps that only speaks

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