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Sat Sep 20 21:13:57 BST 2008

them, etc is a great burner of time, plus the occasional unexpected cost
(such as import duty or shipping costs to far away places). Making the
CDs, and selling them at Cheapbytes or below prices, is going to chew up
a lot of effort for very little group income.

Question: How many established users of FreeBSD actually use the issue
CDs and for what?

The answer for me is: I sometimes refresh my ports collection from
them. Cvsup keeps my sources up to date. Hell, I'll even do a make
release to get a FTPable distribution when starting up a new machine.
Generally my subscriptions build up, unopened, until I give them away.

I know, this does nothing to answer the original "how do we fund the
group" question - voluntary donations perhaps?

Adrian Wontroba

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