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Hello all, I've got scilab to compile and atlas on 6.0. I assume you got complaints about missing .a libraries? At least that was one of the problems I had, in the end I compiled atlas-devel not atlas as it is broken! I also had to make static libraries so you would issue the following command in /usr/ports/math/atlas-devel
make -DWITH_STATICLIB install
do NOT type clean (see below) or you will have to recompile the atlas libs.

Next go into scilab directory and make that, it will happily compile to a point and then complain about missing libraries in /usr/local/lib. I'm sorry but I cannot remember exactly what the libraries were now. Anyway update your locate database (sh /etc/periodic/weekly/310.locate). Once this is done type locate {whatever the missing files are}, you will find them in the atlas-devel directory. copy them over to /usr/local/lib. Reenter the scilab directory and it should compile with no more problems

Sorry for the convoluted instructions but I'm a tad new having moved from linux and am still finding my feet.

Hope that helps.

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>Can somebody help me with installing scilab under Freebsd 6.0? It needs
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