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Sat Sep 20 21:17:40 BST 2008

MySQL) is almost always the hard drive, so to that end, in terms of
performance, how much difference will having SCSI drives make over IDE?

Also, would having shedloads of RAM (looking at 1GB initially, because of
the stupid prices at the moment) make any difference to the IDE vs SCSI
equation? The entire of our database currently is only 100MB odd, is there
any way to make MySQL cache *all* that data into RAM?

Likewise, would a vinum software RAID-0 or RAID-1 of two IDE drives make
them better than a single SCSI drive? How would two SCSI drives in a RAID

Overall, given we are on a fairly limited budget, which is the area to best
concentrate on - processor (dual or single - the price diff. between
fastest and slowest really isn't much on the PIII line), RAM, or HDD(s)?

Thanks for any help or pointers to better places to find info on these
subjects :+)


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